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Get here easy steps to download install and activate office setup with product key

Microsoft office is a multinational company introduced by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Its headquarters is in Redmond Washington. The American multinational company has many products and each product has its own specification.

However, Microsoft Office is a bundle of software in which you have word document, Excel, PowerPoint etc. To enjoy all these, you should have Microsoft Account. As MS Office is free to download there are many Microsoft products available for your devices.

Some products of Microsoft are below:

  • Outlook- Emailing is the main feature, which helps you to keep your emailing system in a much-sorted way. It also includes calendar, task manager and address book.
  • Office Suite- It is a package of applications. Some are:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft OneNote
  • Skype-It is a media communications application that is used for video calls and voice calls. It also provides instant messaging services.
  • OneDrive- It allows users to keep their data secured with the help of cloud feature.
  • Xbox Live- It is a multiplayer gaming and digital media application.
  • Bing- It is a search engine of Microsoft.

To know more about these applications of Microsoft Office visit on its official site

How to download and install MS Office using a DVD?

  1. Insert your DVD in the DVD –ROM.
  2. Wait for the installation window to appear on the screen.
  3. Then run Office setup to install the software on your device.
  4. To install Office setup with product key, enter the code when asked.
    • A window displaying agreement terms will appear.
  5. Then a window will appear in which you have to click install or upgrade.
  6. Click on install.
  7. Once done with installation click on close.
  8. Your Microsoft Office is now installed successfully.

If you already have Microsoft Office on your device then reinstall or update it timely. As you are using a free trial version then be sure about its expiry. After the expiry of the trial version, you have to use a paid version to enjoy this software. Expiry may also make your product unlicensed, which can harm your device. If you want, paid version or updates visit on

How to purchase a licensed office setup with the product key?

  1. Visit on the official site of Microsoft
  2. Sign in/ sign up for an account.
  3. Choose the purpose of your Microsoft office plan. It is available for small business, enterprise and education.
  4. Click and open the purpose where you will find plans and pricing.
  5. You will get different plans, choose yours.
  6. Click on buy now. Fill all the details.
  7. Then payment page will appear, fill the mode of payment.
  8. Once done pay and purchase the software.
  9. After all these, you will get a product key on your registered e-mail account.

This is how you can purchase a licensed product key. After purchasing the product key, locate it on the official site of MS Office to get the activated version.

How to activate MS Office Setup?

  1. Visit the official site of MS Office.
  2. Log in your account.
  3. You will get redirected to activation page.
  4. Enter your product key and ‘Enter’.
  5. Open your home page where you will get the option to download. It is up to you either to access online or download it.
  6. If you want to download click the download button.
  7. Now your MS Office is activated.

In case you face any problem then visit on You can also take the help of the experts, as they are available 24 hours.

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